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13 Aug About Bed Bugs
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BED BUGS Q. What are bed bugs? Q. Where do bed bugs live? Q. How do I get bed bugs? Q. How do I prevent infestation? Q. I think I have bed bugs, what do I do?   Q. What are bed bugs? A. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a small, brownish, flattened insect that feeds solely on the bloo..
13 Aug History Of Mattress
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HISTORY OF MATTRESSES   Comfortable, supportive mattresses are something most of us take for granted. We don’t think about how they’ve evolved over time. Here’s an eye-opening lesson on the bed history from long ago to more modern times.  So lie down and let us tell you a story about the history o..
13 Aug Sleep Positions
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SLEEP POSITIONS   There are three main sleeping positions with variables of each: side, back, and stomach. Sleep specialists recommend sleeping on your side in order to rest more comfortably and decrease the likelihood of interrupted sleep. While there are many variations of sleeping on your side,..
13 Aug Tips For New Parents & Old Age
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SOME IMPORTANT TIPS FOR NEW PARENTS     It’s a new parents’ rite of passage: The sleepless night. After your new arrival finishes crying for the night (assuming she finishes), after you’ve fed her, had your spouse sing a lullaby, and changed the baby’s diaper, you can go back to sleep. The prob..
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